My Style. My Approach. My Obsession.

Riggs Barr

My name is Riggs Barr, I’m a Colorado artist who loves steel.

The way it looks, feels, even the way it smells! And I love working with my hands, turning this cold, beautiful material into custom steel furniture that adds an unexpected warmth to any room.

My pieces are for people who cringe at cookie-cutter furniture design and for those who know what they want but just can’t find it anywhere. Who understand a table can – and should – be a lot more than a place to drop your keys. It’s an opportunity to make a statement, a bold declaration of style. It’s a chance to create a timeless family heirloom…where you can drop your keys.

Almost everything I make is custom – made with each client’s own personality, style and wishes in mind. So this site should be viewed as the starting point of your search, not the end.

If you like what you see, but you don’t see exactly what you need, that’s fine. Go to Contact and we’ll make your perfect piece together.