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‘Custom Furniture’ Ain’t Scary

You really shouldn’t be afraid of the concept of having something “custom made”. I mean a cheeseburger with no pickles is custom made! I’m not sure where the concept got intimidating for most people, but it wasn’t from me! Maybe it’s from those artists out there with a bit of an ego or a bunch of insecurity that makes them treat a potential client like a nuisance.

That’s not how I work.

I’m truly honored when someone trusts me with building them a custom piece of steel furniture. A piece of furniture that will likely be a part of their family for generations.

I listen to clients when they tell me what they’re looking for, I don’t just tell them what they can have. And while some people know exactly what it is they want, there are others who have never designed anything before or even know where to start, but they know they want something special. I’ve had clients give me everything from the final dimensions and the number of flat bars used on the shelf to one client who said, “I want a table for my daughter and she likes butterflies. I trust you.” I’m good either way.

The word “custom” merely means you want something made specifically for you – not something that is massed produced and “close enough”. A handmade piece may take a little more time than driving to the closest strip mall or cost a little more than a plywood piece of disposable Swedish generi-junk, but when you see it and feel it I’m sure you’ll agree it’s worth it.

So don’t be afraid of having something ‘custom made’ – get excited. You’ll get the piece you’ve dreamed of and I’ll get another happy client. And they’re both for life.


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