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Make your yard a work of art with minimal work

Metal yard art is the perfect addition to any landscape.

Spring is in the air. It’s time to crawl out of our caves and search for signs of life – and a reason to not run back underground. But your yard is less than inspiring. Your lawn looks more like a runway than a fairway, your flowers make bees want to puke, the best part of your rose bush is the thorns, and your flower beds look like death beds.

You might want to consider some well-placed garden art in your yard.

I’m not talking about pink, plastic flamingoes or yard gnomes here, but something a bit more classy and not so miniature golf course-y! One or two beautifully constructed steel creations that add some drama, some contrast or even a little whimsy to your garden. When done correctly, they are little artistic points of discovery hidden throughout your yard that will bring a smile to your face and compliments from your guests.

What kind of steel garden art will work in my yard?

Let me answer that question with another question (that ends in a preposition): What kind of vibe are you looking for?

You’re only limited by your imagination or MY imagination if you ask me to come up with some ideas! For example, you can create a wildlife refuge feel with some steel birds frozen in mid-flight, an outdoor gallery with a joyful sunflower piece of wall art, a mellow meadow with fluttering butterflies hovering above your flowers, or a quiet, meditative space with a large steel sun focal point.

Or maybe you want some functional art pieces – because the only thing you want sitting in your yard looking good and doing nothing is you. Planter boxes, flower pots, tiki torches, bird baths, a fire pit…the list could go on and on, but who needs that? Not me, I have to go make sparks and maybe give myself a new scar.

To sum up, one or two pieces of custom yard art can work wonders in any yard. They are a great finishing touch to manicured estates or an effective distraction in the other 99% of yards out there! So if you have an idea of what you want or if you have an open space that is crying out for some culture, consider a custom piece of art for your garden. You’ll be glad you did – and your neighbors will be ecstatic.

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